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Zainab Bottlers, Mombasa - Zanzibar.

About Us

About Us

Welcome To Zainab Bottlers.

Zainab Bottlers Company limited was established in 2004, with a vision to produce affordable and quality products to meet marketing demand. It was a great revolution in bottled water Industry. As Zainab Bottlers Co. Ltd we harvest, process and package ZAN AQUA bottled water in different sizes; 20ltrs, 15ltrs, I.5ltrs, 1ltr, 500mls, 350mls and KOOL 350mls water products including variety of juices.

At Zainab bottlers we have established well organized network from production to customer to provide quality products and high professional services to meet need of any individual customer.

Our Focus is continuing to remain on the operation aspect of the business and we are looking forward to make Zainab Bottlers the number One Company.

2008 Zainab Bottlers continued their compliance for Zanzibar market as they came up with soda Portello. Portello was another revolution in beverage industry, it became putative, loved and talk of the town.

In 2009, Zainab Bottlers stepped ahead and invested in wide range of latest technology. The company launched high quality pure drinking water ZAN AQUA using reverse osmosis technology. We take pride on developing and producing this product, exceeding the most demanding and discerning customers.

Zainab Bottlers is Located in Mombasa Area, P.O. Box 271, Zanzibar.